Is there one church that unifies all of the earth’s major religions of East and West?

Yes, the name of the church is Church Universal and Triumphant.

On February 10, 1974, ascended Master Saint Johannes, (Pope John XXIII), announced the formal inauguration of Church Universal and Triumphant and dedicated it to be the open door of the Divine Mother to receive individuals from every walk of life.

Pope John XXIII or Saint Johannes, was renowned for his simplicity, humor, charity and warm personality. The ascended master Johannes has told us that he wears at inner levels, “the mantle of the spirit of oneness, the spirit of unity in the true Church,” because of his role in drawing together all Christians.

The founding purpose of the Church Universal and Triumphant is to bring that kingdom of our Lord, his heaven and his Church, into universal manifestation on earth.

“What is life if you have not life together?
“There is not life that is not in community”.
T.S. Eliot

Our community of spiritual seekers is dedicated to the study and application of the Ascended Master Teachings. Through devotion, study, and worship, students of the Ascended Masters experience the loving presence of the masters in their daily life.

Our community is based upon Divine Friendship, Unity, a common journey and experiencing the path of life as one of helping each other along the way.

Experience community, a place where you can come apart from the stresses of everyday life. Join others in prayer, meditation, informal discussions and social functions for individual and collective spiritual exploration.